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Fish Maw - Ginseng Under Water

Previously some smugglers were arrested in L.A, United States. They illegally traded valuable fish maws and more than 500 pieces of fish maws were detected. Each piece of those fish maws can worth more than USD 20000. People are willing to pay such high prices as they are good to skin care.

In A.D. 500, Chinese people started to enjoy fish maws. They realize fish maws are good to health and some people name them as “Ginseng under Water”. Fish maws are good to kidney and blood circulation in our body. Also it can help stop bleeding so that Chinese people are willing to let patients and mothers who have just given born to their kids. Girls like them much as they are good to elastic skin since they consist of collagen. Fish maws are found in big fishes. The price varies from fish species and sizes.

Fish maws were previously prepared from fishes (belong to Pseudosciaena crocea) in coastal areas of China. Overfishing makes dried seafood traders approach fishermen in South America. Fish maws found in this smuggling case are from fishes belong to Totoaba macdonaldi.


Source: Cable News, Hong Kong. Translated by driedseafood.net

URL: http://cablenews.i-cable.com/webapps/program/study/videoPlay.php?video_id=12152548

Remarks: Cantonese News


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