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Introduction to Dried Seafood

Many people may think dried seafood is simply an old Chinese-style food. However it is not that simple. It is a part of Chinese culture and wisdom.

There are many living things in the marine. Some of them are with high nutrition and can be very delicious when cooked properly. There are many different styles of seafood cooking and each one can present seafood specially. 2000 years ago, people got used to enjoy seafood. The remains of marine living things could be found in tomb of Chinese emperor.

2000 years ago, the capital was far away from seashore and how could seafood be processed and delivered properly? Please note that there was no airplane in that era! As you know marine living things hold a lot of water and they will be in bad taste if they are not being processed immediately.

People at that moment learnt that dehydration is a great method to keep their reward in a much longer time. Sun drying, wind drying, smoking and salting were used to handle fresh seafood. Bacteria activities are inhibited through those methods. Nowadays, scientists discovered that dehydration catalyzes cell activities and makes dried seafood with better taste.

Fishes were the major seafood of early stage. When people fished a lot and part of those fishes would be dried to keep longer time. Dried fish and salty fish shared high proportion of dried seafood. When people could travel more far away in the sea, they can fish different types of seafood. There are many types of dried seafood available. Some high-ranked ones like abalone, fish maw are common in banquets.


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